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November 09, 2005

Hong Zhi and Zhao GuanFang are the new champions

I left Taiyuan yesterday after the closing ceremony of the China National Individual Champion. I am spending two days at Jingcheng, a southern city in Shanxi before I go to Xingyang, Henan to attend the first Xiangqi Culture Festival.

Nobody could predict who would be the new champions when the final round started at 8:00 am on 7 November. In the Men's A Division, five of the six players at the top three boards all have chances. To the surprise of all present, Wang Yang playing red at board 2 resigned to Hong Zhi in only 30 moves with a delayed counter cannons opening. This was the only game he lost and it costed him the National Champion title when it was within grasp. The first board concluded in a draw though Pan ZhenBo was dominating the battle all the way and was one piece up in the endgame. Board 3 saw a long tussle between Wan ChunLin and Xu YinChuan. Coincidently, they also played the delayed counter cannons opening and within 30 moves transformed into a no-chariots endgame. Xu though one Elephant down was trying very hard for counter attacking chances. But the meticulous play of Wan forced him to resign on the 83rd move. The last game to finish was that between Zhang Qiang and Miao LiMing, which ended in a draw after 5 solid hours of play. Here are the top 8 ranking of the Men's A Division (figures in blackets are the score and Bucholz points):

1st Hong Zhi (7.5 69.5)
2nd Pan ZhenBo (7.5 67.5)
3rd Li HongJia (7.0 69.0)
4th Wang Yang (7.0 68.5)
5th Bu FengBo (7.0 67.0) - 1 win playing black
6th Wan ChunLin (7.0 67.0) - 0 win playing black
7th Xu YinChuan (6.5 70.0)
8th Wang Bin (6.5 69.5)

In the Women's campus the situation was less complicated. Zhao GuanFang only needed a draw from Jin HaiYin to seize the champion title, and she did it without much trouble. At Board 2, Chen LiChun defeated Feng XiaoXi without much obstacle and secured the second place. The most exciting fight was between Zhang GuoFeng and Wang LinNa, as they tied in score and the winner would be assured of at least the third position. Zhang smiled last and sent her opponent to the 4th place. 5th to 8th place went to Jin HaiYing, Shi SiXuan(Beijing), Yang Yi(Jiangsu), and Tang Dang(Beijing). By the way, there were 68 contestants in the Women' s division.

The Men's B division has becomes a "training session" (in the words of Huang HaiLin) after the announcement of the abandon of the two-division system next year. Nevertheless, we congratulate the following players who raced to the top eight among 68 contestants:
1. Huang HaiLin 2. Jin Bo 3. Jin Song 4. Zhuang YuTing 5. Zhao Jian 6. Cheng Jin Chao 7. Xu WenXue 8. Zhao JinGang.

And here is the game between Wang Yang (Red) and Hong Zhi (Black):


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