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November 07, 2005

Pan ZhengBo caught up with Wang Yang

Today is Sunday, 6 November. Three local xiangqi fans accompanied me to visit the famous Jinci Temple and Mount Tianlong, some 25 km away from the city centre. When I returned to Shanxi Hotel at about 3:30 pm, there was a large crowd of spectators at the Men's A campus. Judging from the way they clustered around the tables, there must be many exciting games this round.

I could only peep through the crowd at the top two boards. At my first sight, the game between Wang Yang and Bu FengBo had reached a rather calm endgame, and it concluded in a draw indeed. Wang therefore raised his score to 7 points. At board 2, the game between Jiang Chuan and Pan ZhenBo (Photo right: Jiang Chuan in white jacket) went on longer. In the endgame, Jiang with a Chariot and 2 Cannons tried in vain to hold his position against the attack from the two enemy Chariots, as he had only one Adviser to guard the palace. With this victory, Pan caught up with Wang to lead the race.

Following closely behind them are four players with 6.5 points: Xu YinChuan, Li HongJia (the two met and drew this round), Bu FengBo and Hong Zhi. Next come Jiang Chuan, Wang Bin, Zhao GuoRong, Chen HanFeng, and Wan ChunLin, each with 6 points.

I would only add that the results are unpredictable. The final round will be played tomorrow morning (7 November) at 8:00 am. Let's wait and see. Meanwhile, take a look at the game Jiang Chuan vs Pan ZhenBo in the Java Chessboard below.


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