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November 06, 2005

Wang Yang still at the top seat after Round 9

The competition of the CNIC 2005, Taiyuan starts daily at 1:00pm. I went to the tournament hall half an hour late today (5 Nov, Round 9). To my surprise, the game between Wang Yang and Jiang Chuan at the first board already finished, and you guess it, a draw. Out of my curiosity, and thanks to the kindness of the tournament director, I was able to take a look at the game record. Believe you me, they drew with repetition after ten moves when all the 32 chessmen are still on board! No wonders there have been more and more complaints about "unsportive draws", and I think, somethings must be done soonest.

Having said so, I would of course not post the Wang-Jiang game here. Instead, I wish to share with you a more exciting game with checkmate brillancy here. This game is from round 6. in which Tang ZhuoGuang (a master from Guandong who represents the KaiLuan team) playing black, defeated Hu RongHua in just 25 moves!

After round 9, Wang Yang led with 6.5 points. Xu YinChuan, Pan ZhenBo, Li HongJia, Jiang Chuan and Bu FengBo tracked behind with 6 points. Most of xiangqi fans here are looking forward to seeing the birth of another male GM. But, the younger masters must play to win in the remaining two rounds.

In the Women Division, Zhao GuanFang (Yunan) tops the scoreboard with 7 points. Next come Chen LiChun (Guangdong) and Zhang GuoFeng (Jiangsu) each with 6.5 points. Wang LinNa (Heilongjiang), Quo RuiXiq (Sichuan) and Jin HaiYing (Zhejiang) shared the 3rd rang of 6 points.
In this round Chen LiChun drew Wang LinNan. On entering the endgame she had a winning position, but failed to tighten the grip. The general opinion is that Chen is the most likely lady master to grap the champion trophy.


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