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November 05, 2005

Wang Yang still leading after Round 8

When my plane landed at the Taiyuan airport yesterday, round 7 of the China Natioal Individual Championship (CNIC) had already completed. Mr Wang Guitian, one of the arbiters of this championship, met me at the airport. I couldn 't wait to ask him for the result of the match between Xu Yin Chuan and Wang Yang. "All the top three boards ended in draw", I was told.

Xu YinChuan, of course, is a household name in the xiangqi community. Our foreign friends may ask who is Wang Yang. Well, He is a young and promising master from Hubei, and a disciple of IGM Liu Dahua, the "Oriental Computer". Wang took the lead after beating IGM Tao HanMing in round 6; in round 7 he drew with Xu YinChuan and maintained a half point lead from Xu, while another young master from Guangdong Li HongJia rose to the 5 points group. Photo: Wang Yang (right) vs Li HongJia.

Round 8 took place this afternoon. Wang met Li at the first board. The game ended in a draw by repetition. But what thrilled the spectators most was the game at board two, where Pan ZhenBo who represents the Sports Association of the Communications Authority forced Xu YinChuan to concede the game after nearly 4 hours of tough play.

At the close of round 8, Wang Yang tops the scoreboard with 6 points. Closely behind him are Li HongJia, Pan ZhenBo and Jian Chuan(BeiJing). There are five players at the 5 points rang: Xu YinChuan, Wang Bin(Jiangsu), Bu FengBo(Shenyang) , Song GuoQiang (Sports Association
Coal & Mine) and Tao HanMing(Jilin). If Wang maintains his momentum, I think he will be joining the rank of Grand Master at the close of this championship.

Did I hear you asking "where are Lv Qin and Hu Rong Hua"? Well, there was the most unbelievable scene at the tournament hall four rounds ago--the two GMs met at the rock bottom board each with 1 point. And after the 8th round, they are still struggling to race into the upper half.

I was told that Taiyuan hosted the CNIC in 1977. This is the second time the competition is held in this city and at the same venue, the Shanxi Hotel. With a lapse of almost 30 years, there are now many new faces among the contestants, in both the Men's division and the Women's division. The hotel has also undergone a facelift. The tournament hall is simple magnificient! It is the most spacial, most comfortable tournamenent hall ever in this series, remarked by all the contestants and officers of the championship.

In the women's division, Chen LiChun (Guangdong) and Zhao GuanFang (Yunan) shared the top rang with a score of 6 points. Closeley behind them are Zhang GuoFeng (jiangsu), Wang LinNa (Heilongjiang) and Dang GuoLei (Yunnan) each with 5.5 points. The 5 points group is congested with seven players including the six-time national champion Hu Ming. The contest in the next round is certainly going to be more intensive and fierce.

I was watching the second half of the game between Zhao GuanFang and Zhang GuoFeng. In the middle game, Zhang had a clear pawn superiority after a series of piece changes. Oh la la,
no one would expect that she could have overlooked a simple discovered attack that costed her a Chariot.



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