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November 10, 2005

Xingyang, the Capital City of Xiangqi

It takes about two hours to travel from Jincheng, Shanxi to Xingyang, via Zhengzhou, the provincial city of Henan. Hundreds of banners are displayed on both sides of the major roads and buildings announcing the 1st Xiangqi Culture Festival to be held in Xingyang from 10th to 12th November. This is an event organised by the municipal goverment; they have spent a tremenous effort on publicity.

Xingyang is where the historical Chu-Han border is stiuated. Known as "Hong Gou" in Chinese (picture right), the border in ancient time was a canal connecting the Yellow River and the Huai River. From 205bc to 202bc, the Chu army of Xiangyu and the Han army of Liu Bang after engaging in a deadlock here for 4 years, agreed to divide the kingdom into two with the canal as the border. This historical fact is depicted on the chessboard of xiangqi.

The main activity of the festival is a 3-day symposium on xiangqi culture which will be held at the Longyintang Hotel. Besides, the Provincial Xiangqi Open Championship is in progress at the moment. There will also be display matches by GMs such as Liu Dahua. I am very impressed with the great number of articles that are packed into this symposium. Speakers invited to present their articles include many renounced xiangqi masters, arbiters, promoters, scholars, collectors and reporters. The topics and the speakers are as follows:

  1. Xiangqi, a popular game for all walks of life -- Han Kuan

  2. A brief review of the foundation of xiangqi culture -- Chen Wei

  3. Xiangqi culture and education -- Prof Huang ShaoLong

  4. Fusing traditional xiangqi culture with modern sports competitions -- Sun ZhiWei

  5. Xiangqi, the perception of life -- Xu TianLi

  6. The publication of xiangqi books -- Yang BoWei

  7. Thoughts on the "One Game Two Rules" situation -- Ji BenHan

  8. Ancient xiangqi sets -- Zhang ChaoYing

  9. Media coverage of xiangqi acitivities -- Li ZhongWen

  10. Xiangqi and thinking -- Ruan YiZheng

  11. A discussion on the characters and discipline of xiangqi players --Wang PinZhang

  12. About ancient xiangqi manuals -- Liu GuoBin

  13. The origin of xiangqi -- Xu JiaLiang

  14. Artificial Intelligence & xiangqi culture --Luan XiaoFeng

  15. Development prospect of the art of xiangqi today --Zhang XiaoXia (Ms)

  16. "Invicible since day one", some archeological findings -- Zhang Feng

  17. Experiments on scientific management of xiangqi competitions -- Zhu BaoWei

  18. Study on how xiangqi culture enhances health and prolongs life span -- Dong QiLiang


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