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December 14, 2005

Puzzle at the Xiangqi Park of Xingyang

The Xiangqi Park of Xingyang, Henan was featured in my earlier posting. The blueprint of this park is in fact an ancient endgame puzzle. When I was there, I'd just written down the title of that endgame, never expected that I could not trace it from my collection of classic xiangqi manuals after coming back to Singapore. I now manage to get the diagram (with no solution) from the organiser. The title of this puzzle is "Qi Ji Yi Yue", which means the jump of a steed. Here it is, black to move and draw. Hmn... does not seem to be difficult to solve, but there are some hidden brilliant checkmate combinations. Hope xiangqi fans will find amusement in it.


youhao said...

Great puzzle in need of brilliant solution.

Well done Mr Tan, for bringing the game of Xiangqi to far and wider audience !

19/12/05 22:27  
youhao said...

超越自我 战胜对手

23/12/05 18:26  
Anonymous said...

Is 1. ...,C+6 2. H-8,C=2 3. H-7,P+1 4.K+1, H+3 5.C-9, H+5 with mate to follow with king, pawn, horse and cannon correct or is C-9 not forced?

06/12/06 18:28  
Felix Tan said...

Here is my solution to this puzzle (Black to move first):
1. .... r1+6
2. H6-8 r1=2
3. H6-7 h2+4!
4. C6-3 r2-9
5. P7=6 r2+9
6. R4=7 c9+6
7. R7-7 r2=3
8. R7-1 c9=3

On the 4th move, Red cannot capture the chaRiot with R8-9, else Black p5+1, K4+1 h4+5, K4+1 h5-7, K4-1 h7+8, K4+1 c9+4 checkmate.

On the 5th move, if Red plays R4-3 instead, then r2+9, C4=3 h4+3! R4=5 k5=4, R5-4 r2=3, K4+1 r3=9. Black is one piece up and has a sure win.

07/12/06 13:35  
Felix Tan said...

And in response to the posting of guyx: Black's 4. .... H2+3 is not correct, to which Red could answer with 5. C6-5 (not C6-9) foiling the enemy horse's mating plan. Now r2-9XR is forced, and then Red wins back a Chariot by 6. R4+1.

07/12/06 13:54  
Guillaume said...

hello felix tan,

I am Guyx, but for some strange reason cannot write anymore under this name...

I am looking for a xiangqi club in paris, but i don't manage to find one. Do you have some information?

It seems that your names is everywhere i look on xiangqi on the internet, so i try to ask you.

I am a good (very?) chess player (Queen qi) and i would like to play xiangqi too. But in paris, it looks like it is impossible thougt i can't believe it.

Do you have a personnal e mail i could write to? If you don't want to put it on the internet, here is mine : (i am not sure that it is correct to put it here but i start to be desparate)

In the hope of receiving something from you, Guyx.

08/12/06 22:49  

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